• Better Than a Sweater or Hoodie.

  • More Stylish & Practical Than a Vest.

  • Greater Versatility Than a Scarf.

  • Awakens the Inner Warrior Within.

  • "I am so obsessed!!! It's seriously amazing! One of my favorite and most versatile articles of clothing I own!"

  • "teluqi has changed my life. I was always always over heated or lugging a big coat and scarf and all the things. Not anymore. It’s perfect!"

  • "I love my teluqi! It is always the thing I reach for when I need some extra warmth. Not to mention what a total BA I feel like when I wear it."

  • "I literally haven't taken off my teluqi, other than to change the shirt I'm wearing under it, since yesterday. I LOVE this piece of clothing."

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Unique Patented Design

The first-of-its-kind, patented design artfully blends outerwear with fashion so you never have to choose between function, style & comfort - you can have it all.

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Everything you love about your hoodie, vest & scarf in ONE everyday staple that can be worn in unlimited ways. Style on its own or easily layer without shoulder or arm bulk!

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The options are limitless.

Think: dressed up or down, casual or sporty, day-to-day errands, hiking, camping, travel, breastfeeding and more!

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Cozy Fashion.

Gone are the days you have to choose between comfort or style - teluqi combines both! Look good while feeling cozy. Kind of a no-brainer, wouldn't you say?

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