the origin of teluqi.

the origin of teluqi.

teluqi is more than a piece of clothing - it is here to illustrate human potential & possibility, inspire others into action, and stoke the inner strength and fire that is inside all of us...all while  seamlessly interweaving style and versatility so you never have to choose between function, comfort or looking good - you can have it all.


It all started in the middle-of-nowhere Michigan where founder, Lauren Tamir, was healing herself from multiple chronic & autoimmune diseases that she had dealt with over half of her life since the age of 12. She was feeling especially hopeless and lost one day when she sat down to watch the Hunger Games and saw Katniss Everdeen wearing some really "cool looking thing" that looked warm, warrior-esque, and really fashionable.  

She had an "ah-ha" moment realizing she needed something like that - a symbol of strength she could wear to help her get through, like a "modern-day warpaint" that would empower her, help her feel strong, and keep her warm from the inside-out, all while also looking good.

She found a crocheted version online and fell in love - it became her daily companion, supporting her to progress and move forward on the days when all she wanted to do was give up. It felt like a comforting and calming hand on her heart, soothing her while simultaneously instilling her with a surge of warrior-like spirit. 

People would stop her every time she was out and ask her what she was wearing and where they could buy one for themselves! Although the piece of clothing served its purpose, there were a lot of design flaws that frustrated Lauren:

  • Too bulky (impractical for travel)
  • Very itchy (not a great feeling)
  • Nonfunctional hood (looked like a telletubby)
  • Impractical Care (had to be hand-washed)
  • Design flaws (multiple different ones)

Once she had healed herself, she set out to create a better design, source fabric, file her patent (got the patent!) and launch teluqi.

Her wish for teluqi is that it will be an ally for people on this crazy journey called life - a companion that stands by them through inevitable challenges and exhilarating adventures alike. 

Buy yours here and experience the magic of teluqi for yourself. 

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